Friday, November 11, 2011

Straight Talk

I love my little convertible bug. I love the way it comfortably fits between the lines, every time. I love the way the music sounds better against the air than the cloth top.

I think that every musical artist should do a cover/remix of "Someone Like You," including but not limited to: T-Swift, Eminem, Steven Tyler, Lauryn Hill, JT, etc. Good, right? Any other suggestions? I wanna make an album... perhaps cleverly entitled "Someone Like You." Look out for that little gem.

I love it when people post something somewhere on the internet and then decide to remove it. It's like you are getting a limited-time-only glimpse into something that they quickly decide should go back into secrecy. It's a rush!

People tend to care about themselves most, and I always find it alarming. Makes relationships and friendships much more complicated than they have to be.

I work too much, but what else is new?


  1. Deep thoughts, Carlicurd. I talked to a girl today who works in an ad agency in Phoenix. I wished it was you. <3

  2. That convertible bug drove like a bat in the night.