Monday, October 17, 2011

That ain't good.

I have a number of friends too large to mention* that will tell you I am a notoriously good third wheel. But when you make a third wheel appearance in someone's engagement announcement on Facebook, you know it's time to take a real close look at your life. And then abandon ship.

*somewhere between four and six

Being an adult is not easy.

K sooo... is there some sort of manual for when it is okay to not pretend that I hate fast food? Cuz like, in a business meeting when everyone else is apparently disgusted by the fast-food fried chicken we are about to advertise, I'm just not sure if it's appropriate to be like, "daaaaamn chicken! get in my mouth!" ... ya know?

Keep it Tight

My last blog was called "Keep it Tight" after the Amos Lee song, "Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight." BUT. This title was relentlessly made fun of for its obvious yet [shockingly] unforeseen innuendo.  Being a girl who intentionally makes everything perverted, you'd think I'd have seen it coming*.

*That's what she said.