Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So Much to be Grateful For

To name a few:

weather in the 80's during November
my little brother's crazy big heart
my older brother's baby
unlimited mystic tan (brand new addition to the list)
young money... namely wayne, drake, and nicki
my ability to change and grow
my mom's loyalty
my dad's logic
my own bathroom
no more public transportation
the Kardashian sisters, minus Kim

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Straight Talk

I love my little convertible bug. I love the way it comfortably fits between the lines, every time. I love the way the music sounds better against the air than the cloth top.

I think that every musical artist should do a cover/remix of "Someone Like You," including but not limited to: T-Swift, Eminem, Steven Tyler, Lauryn Hill, JT, etc. Good, right? Any other suggestions? I wanna make an album... perhaps cleverly entitled "Someone Like You." Look out for that little gem.

I love it when people post something somewhere on the internet and then decide to remove it. It's like you are getting a limited-time-only glimpse into something that they quickly decide should go back into secrecy. It's a rush!

People tend to care about themselves most, and I always find it alarming. Makes relationships and friendships much more complicated than they have to be.

I work too much, but what else is new?